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Amin Shahrokhi

My Name is Amin Shahrokhi. My freelance story has root in many years before I become a freelancer. The story started from my serious interest in arts. I picked up drawing and painting first, as they always moved me. Regardless the other arts I tried later such as music, Persian carpet drawing and weaving, poetry and writing, my primary art made me interested in learning digital design technology. So, I started in 2004 with Adobe Photoshop and it was the first step of my journey to all over design jobs. In 2006 I got my first job as a graphic designer in a publishing and printing company. It was a local job and being close to the employer, who was an expert graphic designer, helped me move ahead so fast. Then I took a course named “Photoshop Top Secrets” by Mark Monciardini. This time the learning process made me able to do Everything I need to do with Photoshop. I was still designing that an interest for putting my work to the web came to me. So, I started from the first step. Yes, HTML and CSS where what I needed to take first. So, I made it as complete as I could. Then, learned Joomla! I remember the latest Joomla! Version was 1.5.0 when I started learning it. Now, I had minimum tools, to create a nice looking website but what was in my mind required much more knowledge. It was why I went through learning other technologies. So, a serious learning progress started and I got improved by adding Javascript, AJAX, JSON, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, XML, PHP, WordPress, Adobe Flash, SEO and some more, to my knowledge. Now, I’m a Graphic Designer and Front-end Developer who’s done his best to be pretty good in his job. Somebody who’s learned work in work, freelance from freelance and English in communication with US and other people around the world.

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