Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Some exciting social events or group activities could take place in your near neighborhood today, and you'll definitely want to attend.

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You may go in the company of some close friends, or with a romantic partner. Contact with others is likely to be very intense and gratifying at this time, so expect your head to be spinning at day's end.

It is definitely a great idea to spend some time alone with a romantic partner. You are feeling very passionate! The need to concentrate on what you're doing may necessitate that you are isolating yourself from others and focus on the task at hand.

Virgo: Your daily horoscope - December 28

This is fortunate, as you'll probably accomplish a lot more than otherwise, and be quite satisfied with what you've done. Those in authority should be pleased with you as well.

Take care not to nibble while you're working, though. You could eat too much of the wrong things and feel the effects afterwards. Today, watching someone do their job may feel like watching paint dry. You know there's a faster or better way to do something but they'll seem to be just plodding along and taking their own sweet time.

This can get you feeling irritated or even angry and you might just want to step in and push them aside to do it yourself.

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  • Be careful not to alienate anyone with your impatience. You spend way too much of your energy taking care of others. Of course, it isn't bad to have such devotion to causes that concern all of us. But on the other hand, dear, you and you alone are not responsible for all the unhappiness in the world.

    Virgo horoscope - Exciting news! |

    Take care of your own interests first to balance out your usual behavior You could feel a conflict between the inner and the outer you. Maybe you are used to projecting a certain image.

    This month is a new chapter for you. There is so much alignment this month for you Leo, beginning with the new year and your desire for a completely fresh start. If you want to change everything—do it. Maybe not right this second, but begin to find ways to supplement your income and focus on making every gorgeous thought in your big, beautiful brain HAPPEN.

    You may already have a new love interest, or perhaps things are heating up with a friend or partner. There is also potential for a new living arrangement. There are a lot of metaphorical and physical walls this month for you, Virgo. Who are you letting in? This month might feel like a blast from the past—waves of sentimentality and nostalgia abound, dear Libra.

    But the beautiful thing is that you get to decide what to let in and what to let go.


    Maybe this is a reminder that you used to love to draw or play piano. When is the last time you did something you did as a kid?

    This can serve as your reminder. Get out of your comfort zone and trust that you know yourself well enough to recognize what you need. I see a little domesticity rearing up for you this month, Scorpio.

    Virgo Horoscope 2019

    As you focus on your basic needs and security, there may be some inner turmoil. The truth is, when you create stability for yourself, you have more room than ever to chase passion and big, hairy ideas that scare you.

    Your focus is more on the micro-level for this moon, Sagittarius. Consider examining the small moments in your day.

    VIRGO January 2019 - NEW YEAR - REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE - Victory - OMEN & LOVE - Virgo Horoscope Tarot

    From morning routines to how you eat—sitting, standing, shoveling in fast food in your car while you rush to work—you may be feeling a disconnect with your values. This is not just cosmic background noise!

    Do more of what you love, and slow down to savor the inconsequential. It is often the most meaningful moments that look like drudgery from the outside.

    As always, self-love and acceptance are key to manifesting a life full of joy and growth. By bringing thoughtfulness and an open heart into January—all signs will see the light.

    And even if it is only a glimmer, it is enough.