HTML is the base coding language of the web. All web browsers translate codes to this language for being able to show contents of a web page. This is one of the initial skills which every web designer must know and since 2006, I've had enough time for learning and being an expert in this coding language.

    What is HTML Exactly?
  • CSS & CSS3

    CSS is a coding language for styling web elements. It's abbreviation of Cascading StyleSheet phrase. With CSS you can assign how an element should appear on the web page and in fact all the styling tasks of web pages is controlled by this language. Actually CSS is one of my tricks to make my clients surprised and I can say I know everything about that!

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  • LESS

    LESS is a dynamic styling language. Huge facilities of this language in compare with pure CSS has attracted high level web designers to itself. LESS gives you ability to do stuffs much sooner and better in compare with pure CSS. Nowadays, I almost all of my design projects are using this technology instead of CSS.

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  • jQuery

    jQuery is the most familiar scripting language with a large amount of abilities in client-side scripting case. jQuery is a library of JavaScript which has increased its facilities a lot. Animation, client-side functionalities and much more are possible with this huge language. Fortunately, I know it well and it helps you to have an amazing website beside me!

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  • PHP

  • PHP5

    PHP is a server-side coding language. This is the main core of huge web applications such as most of CMSs, famous websites like Yahoo! etc. PHP gives you ability to develop fully dynamic websites. I started PHP since 2012 but during these few years I've learned a lot about that.

    What is PHP exactly?
  • Joomla!

    Joomla! is the name of an open source and powerful CMS (Content Management System) based on PHP. This CMS has been developed, debugged and redesigned by millions of talent worldwide programmers and nowadays it's one of the CMSs which you can absolutely trust. I know it since its birth date and I've developed hundreds of websites by that!

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  • JTD

  • Joomla! Template Design

    Designing Joomla! Templates is one of my professional favorites. I know how to create a fully responsive, eye catching Joomla! Template with hundreds of awesome features. Actually nowadays designing Joomla! Templates is a part of all my projects and honestly I can't remember how many Joomla! Templates I've designed untill now!

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  • JED

  • Joomla! Extensions Development

    Joomla! uses Extensions to handle functions. Extensions have various types such as Components, Modules, Plugins etc. Using MVC Model & Standard Joomla! Coding is what I've learned and I'm doing almost everyday. If you're about ordering a non-created Joomla! Extension and you'd like it to be created fully standard, let me know!

    Joomla! Extensions Directory
  • Gantry Framework

    Gantry is a huge Template Design Framework. Abilities of this framework allows designers to create amazing Joomla! and Wordpress Templates with many useful features. I often use this framework for designing Joomla! Templates and I've earned many experiences in this case during my long term working with that.

    Gantry official website
  • RWD

  • Responsive Web Design

    RWD or Responsive Web Design allows web pages to be shown in all devices without missing any object but in different styles. To have a visual example of RWD browse this website with various devices or if you're browsing my website with a computer, decrease the width of your browser and see what happens!

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  • Twitter Bootstrap

    Bootstrap is a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. If you are in need for someone who's expert in that, let me know!

    Twitter BootStrap
  • ETD

  • Email Template Design

    Actually email template design has big differences with usual web design. When you wanna design an email template, you shall have in mind that many of standard codes in HTML, CSS etc. are not supported by the product you're going to create so you must be experienced enough to do that such as me!

    What is an Email Template?
  • Adobe Photoshop

    And Adobe Photoshop! A magic in the world of graphic design! Photoshop is the first thing that I've learned after touching computer. Photoshop is my oldest friend in computer technologies and after 15 years of experience in using that for professional matters and high level tuition classes I profess I can do EVERYTHING you need with Photoshop.

  • English Communication

    I'm a Persian and my mother language is Farsi but during about 3 years of working with worldwide clients after 8 years practicing English in conversation classes I've learned a lot about English. Though learning a language takes a life but since I've a long background in this case, I think I've no problem in communication with English speaking clients.

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